We recognizes our responsibility towards the environment

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We recognize our responsibility towards the environment

Royal Wagenborg recognizes the responsibility to protect and respect the Environment: Water, Air and Land. We understand the environmental liabilities related to our activities. All Wagenborg employees and subcontractors have the obligation to cooperate to achieve its environmental objectives.

Our Environmental Policy Principles

  • We comply with the legal requirements, standards and regulations applicable to the organization’s activities. Apart from law and regulation, we comply with the environmental requirements of our customers. We continue to adopt the industry’s best practices.
  • We have implemented and maintain an Environmental Management System, appropriate to our nature, scale and the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services, to ensure compliance with our commitments, focusing on continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • Damage to the environment or even environmental emergencies may lie in wait, but in all respects we are prepared to prevent them. In case an emergency situation may occur, we are able to react in adequate way. Every employee of Royal Wagenborg is aware of his/her responsibility to prevent pollution and knows that any oil spillage should be treated as an emergency.
  • We purchase and use environmentally safe goods and materials wherever possible. Sometimes it cannot be avoided to use environmentally harmful products such as paint, cleaning agents and chemicals. In this case, it is reviewed if it is feasible to purchase and use the most environmentally friendly type.
  • We promote the use of environmentally safe technology. Furthermore, we closely monitor developments in equipment that might improve our environmental performances in order to reduce the burden on the environment continuously.
  • We enhance collaborations on environmental issues and take an active role in regional, national and international environmental initiatives to promote a sustainable environment.

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